Gaelic Gp Series 2022 

Each Gaelic Gp Series is a qualifying event for the Gaelic 2022. All events are held in the most central areas of towns or cities, complying with the current law on drones and taking our own security measures, being pioneers and unique in the installation of a perimeter and aerial network in the area of the circuit.

In the edition of the Gaelic Gp Series 2021, we have had several changes and improvements for the events, such as:

  • Safety aerial net (70x50m) 3.500m2.Customized tents
  • Commentator and Speaker
  • Live performance with giant LED screen and broadcasting via Stream
  • New LED lighting system for the circuit layout.
  • Increase of cash prizes
  • New competition format                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         And in the 2022 edition:
  • Inflatable obstacles

Locations Gaelic Gp Series 2022

International Drone Race

International Drone Race (IDR), is a show event that will host an international competition between the 4 best pilots of the Gaelic Gp Series and the 4 best pilots of another country. The location (venue) for this event is still available for that city that wants to have it, the planned dates for this event could be between the months of October and November. The winners, in individual and team category, will have great prizes, such as; 3.250€ for the first 4 classified in individual category, 2.500€ for the winning team.

Note: The dates shown are indicative of the month in which the events can be held, the final dates with the location will be published once we have them confirmed.

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Sponsor Oficial Gaelic Gp

EuroRed has been with us since the birth of the Gaelic Gp, is part of our family and for us is one of our main sponsors, without them the Gaelic Gp would not be possible to continue doing it.

With the sponsorship of EuroRed, the Gaelic Gp events have managed to differentiate themselves from other events, especially in terms of safety. We are pioneers in the world in organizing events of these characteristics using perimeter networks and aerial security networks.

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