In Gaelic Gp, we are launching the first Fpv drone racing league for teams and individuals in Spain.

This national league will lay the foundations to strengthen this new competition and sport, as well as create a quarry to be able to have continuity, to position itself as the Event with drones, reference in our country, and with an autonomous development in terms of communication, sponsors and locations.

With the creation of this league (LPD) we will make our Spanish Teams and Pilots more competitive and increase their level of piloting, so they can be at the level of other world powers such as USA, Korea, Japan, etc..

At the moment Spanish Teams and pilots can hardly compete in Spanish championships, because they are held very few and in very remote areas of the cities or towns, which makes this new sport very little visible. Only the Gaelic Gp competitions are being held in central areas and with a lot of visibility so that the public can attend the events and thus create fans and support from the public. Gaelic Gp manages to hold these competitions in the heart of cities because they do not break any law to hold these events, as they have a pioneering security system, 100% safe for the public and for the pilots, with perimeter nets and aerial netting.

Initially we are working to start this league with a minimum of 5 to 6 venues hosting this national competition. As time goes by and as this competition consolidates and the number of venues increases, we will create a second division so that no pilot is left without participating and giving the opportunity to new pilots who are starting out in this sport.

In order to establish this new sport, which apart from being very competitive is very technological, innovative, and potentially therapeutic and educational (because with the practice of this sport the cognitive properties of the brain are stimulated and developed to the maximum level), we need the maximum support of the city councils so that agreements can be closed with them to host the SDL, as well as that of companies to support with their sponsorship.

For the pilot, the sensations are totally real. Thanks to the real-time transmission, when you put on the goggles, the immersion is total. It's not a game... you really fly, without any danger for the pilot.

For the public, the sensations and visual spectacle is incomparable: speed, accelerations, rushing, heart-stopping lines, piques, crashes and REAL accidents, and with the LEDs on the track, obstacles and drones, the visual impact for the public is brutal. The sensations for the live spectator, who gets a close-up view of these mini racing cars... are indescribable. You have to live it to feel it...

Flying is the human dream, Passion + Speed + Technology = Spectacle.

Venues Gaelic Gp Series LPD 2024

The dates may be subject to changes beyond the control of the organisation, if so, they will be communicated to the teams as far in advance as possible.

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Activities at each event

In each event we will carry out the following activities:

  • On Friday mornings from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. we will do flights with mini drones in the circuit, workshops and talks where all the public, schools and invited associations will be able to attend and participate.
  • On Friday afternoons from 16.00 to 20.00h anyone who wants to fly their drone (DJI Mini model or similar) on the circuit, may do so, making a registration to participate, totally free, where the pilot will have to try to fly his drone avoiding and passing the largest number of obstacles on the circuit and recording their flight, and then edit and deliver the video to enter a contest where we will publish it on our social networks and you can vote for the video that you liked the most. The winner will receive a prize to be announced soon.

Official Sponsor Gaelic Gp

EuroRed has been with us since the birth of the Gaelic Gp, it is part of our family and for us it is one of our main sponsors, without them the Gaelic Gp would not be possible to continue.

With EuroRed's sponsorship, the Gaelic Gp events have been able to differentiate themselves from other events, especially in terms of safety. We are pioneers in the world in the organisation of events of this kind, using perimeter nets and aerial safety nets.

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