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    In the Gaelic Gp we are committed in a totally immersive way with people and groups of social exclusion.

    Thanks to the support that our Sponsors give us every year, we can bring this technological world closer to these people and groups, so that they can experience first-hand everything that an event like the Gaelic Gp encompasses.

    This year 2023, thanks to the support of the Fundación la Caixa, Davila Group and Nodosa Group, our Social Work is the adaptation of our event of the Santiago Gp World Cup, so that an Italian pilot can compete in our circuit without any accessibility barrier, as she has a disability and her mobility depends entirely on a wheelchair, this girl pilot, is considered one of the best pilots worldwide. With the help of our Sponsors we have managed to do everything necessary so that Luisa Rizzo can be in our event, from the moment she and her technical team arrive at the airport of Santiago de Compostela, providing her with a means of transport adapted to her needs, for all her displacements during her stay in Santiago, as well as the access ramps to the piloting area and to the circuit and extending the space in the pit area for her mobility without any type of impediment.

                                                                                        Luisa Rizzo

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