Obra Social

Sponsor Oficial

    In the Gaelic Gp we are committed in a totally immersive way with people and groups of social exclusion.

    Thanks to the support that our Official Sponsor "Fundación la Caixa" gives us every year, we can bring this technological world closer to these people and groups, to our events and allow them to experience in first person everything that an event like the Gaelic Gp encompasses.

  • They try out the Fpv goggles, with which they can see and feel first-hand the sensations of piloting a racing drone.
  • We show them all the technical areas such as Race Direction, pits, driving area and circuit, and we explain what is done in each of them.
  • We conduct workshops, talks and interviews.
  • We put monitors and technicians at your disposal during the morning of the event.
  • We invite you to participate in the events.

    In one of the talks, we told them about one of the many benefits of flying a racing drone, which is that "by stimulating ourselves in difficult environments, we increase the number of nerve cell connections. Our brain literally becomes heavier, because the number of synapses (connections between neurons) increases. Pilots base their ability to perform under enormous pressure on the way their brains are wired, a study reveals, concluding that combat and drone pilots have more highly developed cognitive abilities than any other human being, making them multidisciplinary beings. So this kind of training is very good therapy for all kinds of people, and especially for those who have attention problems.

Gaelic Gp 2023