The Dron Festival is an event-show related to the technological world of drones, in which we perform a day/night show with LED lighting on the layout of a circuit, obstacles and racing drones participating in the event, Gaelic Gp Series. In addition to being able to enjoy a show with drones doing manoeuvres and acrobatics at high speeds, the public will be able to attend; talks, interviews, guided tours of the technical areas of Race Direction, Boxes and Piloting Zone, where people can put on Fpv glasses and experience first-hand the sensation of piloting a racing drone.

"Flying is the human dream".

Passion + speed + technology = SPECTACULUM

After having carried out several tests of different systems and the event format in 2017, 2018, 2019, (2020 cancelled by COVID19), 2021, 2022 and obtaining a resounding success of participation of pilots and acceptance by the public, the organizers have decided to take the "Dron Festival Gaelic GP", to several locations in Spain, and create the Gaelic Gp Series League, being already this event format a National reference.

The Gaelic GP Series, is an Event-Show, with a competition with racing drones at national level, in various locations.

Aero dron Projects, (ADP hereinafter) is promoting the Gaelic GP Series throughout the national territory, to position itself as the Event with drones, reference in our country, and with an autonomous development in terms of communication, sponsors and locations.

This innovative project is laying the foundations for the development and growth of this new event, expanding to the public and creating a whole new electronic sports culture.

Each GP-Event concentrates a large local audience, which allows us to obtain innovative audiovisual material with which to reach a much wider audience.

Pure adrenaline and technology combined: mini racing cars flying at full speed on breathtaking circuits.

For the driver, the sensations are totally real. Thanks to real-time transmission, when you put on the goggles, you are totally immersed. It's not a game... you really fly, without any danger for the pilot.

For the public, the sensations and visual spectacle is incomparable: speed, accelerations, rushes, heart-stopping lines, piques, crashes and REAL accidents, and with the LEDs on the track, obstacles and drones, the visual impact for the public is brutal. The sensations for the live spectator, who gets a close-up view of these mini racing cars... are indescribable. You have to live it to feel it...

The Gaelic GP is not only a show event. Parallel to this event we also held:

During Saturday morning,

  • Informative talks about the world of drones, current laws, uses, dangers, etc.
  • Interviews with different groups, associations and athletes in the area where the event takes place.
  • Guided tour of the Race Direction, Boxes, Piloting Area and Circuit.

We will put on the FPV goggles, so that you can experience the sensations that a pilot feels when flying a racing drone.

Flying is the human dream, Passion + Speed + Technology = Spectacle.

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Sponsor Gaelic Gp

The Lapaman service station with the support of Shell, have been with the Gaelic Gp since the birth of our events. Their sponsorship is of great importance for the development of the events. They are part of our family.

We are proud to count and continue to count on them for our events.

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