Gaelic Gp Series Competition, Conditions and Rules 

How many pilots can participate?

The maximum number of drivers per GP is 24, and for each GP there will always be a reserve pilot. In the Gaelic Gp + National Open, the number of pilots increases to 36, being 24 pilots for the Gaelic and 12 pilots for the National Open.
 The organization reserves the right to exclude any pilot from the competition, for not having enough driving experience in racing circuits. Tendrán preferencia de participación todos aquellos pilotos que se inscriban para participar en todos los eventos del Gaelic Gp Series 2020.

The pilots who participate in the National Open must be federated and prove their federation number when registering.

Once the registrations are closed and payments made, we will make a Whatsup group of participating pilots, for any information, doubts, etc..., that the pilots may have.

On April 30th 2020 we will close the registration of pilots and payment deadline for all events.

How can I register to participate in the Gaelic Gp Series 2020 and National Open?

Within this same website, you have to access "Gaelic Gp Series 2020", once there, you will see a list of the official Gaelic Gp Series 2020 calendar. You can access each of the events listed by clicking on them. The National Open are mentioned in the corresponding events

To participate in all the events, you will have to access each one of them and fill in the information requested, both for the Gaelic Gp and for the National Open.

How can I pay the registration fee?

By accessing "Registration Payment", you can make the payment. Clicking on each of the events you are participating in and following the instructions, you can make the payment.


Every race is a GP, and the sum of all of them forms a league. Each GP will last one day, always on a Saturday and from 10.00am to 23.45pm.

  • Free training and timing from 10.30am to 18.00pm
  • Time classifications (Q1, Q2, Q3) from 18.30pm to 21.30pm 

  • Final phases (F.F.1, F.F.2) from 10pm to 11pm. 

  • Final, at 23.20pm. 

  • Award ceremony and closing, at 23.45pm

Note: These times are indicative

There will be cash prizes and trophies for the first 4 finalists of the Gaelic Gp Series.

  • 1st place, 500,00 € + trophy

  • 2nd place, 250,00 € + trophy

  • 3rd place, 125,00 € + trophy
  • 4th place, 75,00 € + trophy

The first 16 drivers qualified in each GP, will add points, as follows, the 1st sum 16 points, the 2nd sum 15, the 3rd sum 14, the 4th sum 13, the 5th sum 12, the 6th sum 11, the 7th sum 10, the 8th sum 9, the 9th sum 8, the 10th sum 7, the 11th sum 6, the 12th sum 5, the 13th sum 4, the 14th sum 3, the 15th sum 2, the 16th sum 1 point.

The Pilot who has scored the most points at the end of all the GPs, will be proclaimed champion of the Gaelic GP Series 2019/20, getting a cash prize of 1.500,00

For the pilots participating in the Open Nationals, there will be a trophy for the 3 first classifieds + the points granted by the federation according to their classification in the event.

Pilots' commitments

    All Pilots participating in the Gaelic GP Series and National Open, are committed to:
  • The breach of any of these commitments by the pilots, may lead to expulsion from the competition. 

  • To respect and comply with all the rules of the competition. 

  • Commit themselves to look after the interests and image of the event and to promote comradeship among all the participants and the organization of the event. 

  • To be able to be recorded and photographed for subsequent dissemination and promotion of the event, in the media, social networks, etc., without this involving any kind of economic compensation by the organization to the pilots, or any possibility of claim or demand through the courts. 

  • To be able to be interviewed and invited to participate in workshops during the event. 

Competition rules

     1.   The circuit shall be protected with perimeter safety nets, at a maximum height of 6m                from ground level, and with an aerial safety net.

     2.   It is allowed to fly with 6s batteries. 

     3.   Quads allowed to participate may not exceed 225mm in diagonal from axle to motor                 shaft. 

     4.   The Quad may not have any VTX installed, it must be the RC Immersion Trap, and it                    must emit a maximum of 25mw of power. 

      5.  Quads must have RGB LEDs installed, either 2 on the front legs at the bottom, and 2                 on the hind legs at the top, or all on the hind legs, 2 on the top and the other 2 on the               bottom. 

      6.  If for any reason during the flight, one or more Leds stop working, the pilot will not be               disqualified and may end the flight, but once the flight is over the pilot will have to                     repair or change the Leds, in order to continue competing. 

      7.   Laps of the circuit layout will be counted as good, as long as the quad has completed               the entire circuit layout without skipping any obstacles. If not, the lap/s will not be                     counted as good and carry penalties, in terms of time or positions. On the contrary, if                 the pilot with his quad recovers the obstacle(s) he has jumped, there will be no                           penalty. 

      8.  In the case of a collision between several quads, at the start and before reaching the               time gate, the start may be considered void. 

      9.  If during the competition any Quad falls or gets caught in the air net and/or safety                     perimeter, obstacles of the circuit, it will not be able to have any kind of manual help                 (by other people), to start the flight again. If this happens, the pilot may be disqualified.             The pilots can have activated in their Quads, the Anti-Turtle and the Anti-Crash. 

     10.  It is mandatory to have the FAIL SAFE activated, in the quad. 

      11.  Any breach by the pilots, of safety rules, misconduct, attitude, contempt,                                     disqualification, etc, towards other / s pilots, staff of the organization, public, etc,                       automatically leads to expulsion from the competition. 

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