Information to Teams and Pilots

Commitments of Teams and Drivers

All Teams and Drivers participating in the Gaelic GP Series LPD agree to:

  • To be interviewed and invited to participate in workshops during the event. 

  • To be filmed and photographed for subsequent dissemination and promotion of the event, in the media, social networks, etc., without this entailing any type of economic retribution by the organisation to the drivers, nor any possibility of claim or lawsuit through the courts. 

  • To undertake to look after the interests and image of the event and to promote fellowship among all the participants and the organisation of the event. 

  • To respect and comply with all the rules of the competition. 

  • Failure to comply with any of these commitments on the part of the riders may lead to expulsion from the competition.

Competition rules

1. The course shall be protected with perimeter safety nets, at a maximum height of 6 m. from ground level, and with overhead safety netting. 

2. The Quads to compete will be checked by the organisation.

3. They will have to have a maximum diagonal measurement of 330 mm from axle to axle of the engine.

4. The batteries can be up to 6S and the propellers 5".

5. The Quads, the Vtx will have to emit a maximum power of 25mw. (If this is not the case and emit more power without the pilot being aware of it, for reasons of oscillations of the Vtx, the pilot is obliged to change drone to continue competing). It is allowed to compete with a digital system (this must be the HD Zero system).

6. Pilots must bring antennas with both polarisations (right and left). And for the competition, race direction will tell them which polarization they have to use in each moment of the competition.

7. Once the vtx have been checked by the race direction and verified that everything is correct, there will be no claim by any pilot that another pilot who is competing with him at that moment is putting video in the race.

8. Any race incident, such as collisions between drones, not malicious, race direction does not enter.9. Después de una colisión de drones no maliciosa, si uno o más de los drones involucrados en la colisión se quedan sin video, tienen una rotura, etc., que les impide continuar la carrera, la dirección de carrera dará esta situación como un error de carrera. .

9. After a collision between drones, not malicious, if one or both drones involved in the collision run out of video, have a breakage, etc., that prevents them from continuing the race, race direction will give this situation as a race setback.

10. Pilots will use their goggles with their antennas, as receivers of the video signal from their drone. It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that the reception works perfectly.

11. The assigned frequencies will be :

      1st Option : R1, F2, R2, F4

      2nd Option: E2, F2, E4, A4

12. The Quads will have to have Rgb LEDs on the front and rear.

13. The rider is obliged to put his name (Nickname) on the OSD, in order to be able to identify him during the competition.

14. If for any reason, during the flights, one or more LEDs stop working, the pilot will not be disqualified and will be able to finish the flight, but once the flight has finished the pilot will have to repair or change the LEDs, to be able to continue competing.

15. The laps of the circuit will be counted as good, as long as the Quad has completed the entire circuit without skipping any obstacle. If this is not the case, the lap/s will not be counted as good and will result in penalties, in times and positions. On the other hand, if the rider with his quad recovers the obstacle(s) he has skipped, there will be no penalty. 

16. In the event of a collision between several Quads, at the start and before making the first turn to start the route, the start may be declared void. Once the first turn has been made, the race is over. 

17. If during the competition a quad falls to the ground or gets caught in the safety netting and/or perimeter, obstacles on the circuit, etc., it will not be able to have any type of manual help (by other people) to restart the flight. If this happens, the pilot may be disqualified. Pilots may have the Anti-Turtle and Anti-Crash activated on their quads.

18. If, during the competition, a quad gets caught in the air safety net, the pilot may not activate the engines to try to unhook the quad. If he does so, the Race Director reserves the right to disqualify the rider(s) from the competition.

19. If a drone gets stuck in the safety net and the pilot activates the motors and the drone remains stuck once the race is over, the pilot will only have the time to change pilots to start a new race to unhook it, if he/she fails to do so, the pilot must leave the circuit and leave the drone in the net and with the battery disconnected.

20. It is compulsory to have the FAIL SAFE activated in the quad.

21. It is not allowed to have any companion in the piloting area from the classification phases onwards.

22. Each rider will be allowed to use a maximum of 3 quads from the qualifying stages onwards. These must be presented to the race direction before the start of the competition, so that the quads can be marked.

23. It is strictly forbidden to start the quads with the Vtx connected while there are riders competing.

24. The race judges are not obliged to warn the riders every time they jump over an obstacle or track layout during the race.

25. There will be no complaints from any rider for lack of reception or poor video signal, as long as the race judge has been able to follow the race without any problem.

26. Any other situation that may occur during the race and which is not mentioned here, will be evaluated and its decision notified by the Race Director.

27. Any breach by the pilots of safety rules, misconduct, attitude, contempt, disqualifications, etc., towards other pilots, organisation staff, public, etc., will automatically lead to expulsion from the competition.


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